Trees & Shrubs Warranty Package

Mother Nature can be unpredictable and sometimes, our gardens don’t turn out quite the way we planned.

While you’re protecting your trees and shrubs with fertilizers and animal repellants, protect them even more with our 1-year warranty package.

Our tree and shrub warranty packages can be purchased from October 1 to April 30 as you purchase the plants that you would like covered. Packages cannot be purchased in a separate transaction from the purchase of the plants.

To redeem the warranty, you must return the plant to Martin’s Home & Garden with the receipt within one year of the date of purchase. Each warrant package is good for a one-time replacement of plant materials. Refunds are not given. You can purchase another warranty at the time you purchase your replacement plants.

Evergreen Trees & Shrubs Deciduous & Edible Trees & Shrubs Deciduous Trees
3-gallon to 7-gallon containers 3-gallon to 7-gallon containers +7 gallon containers
$34.99 $34.99 $59.99


Only plants are covered under the warranty. Hard goods like pottery or mulches are not included. Other plants, including vegetables, are also not covered under the warranty.

The warranty does not cover plants that have been crushed, cut down, or any other way damaged caused by human force or a force of nature including flooding, winds, or hail.

Package Container Size Covers
Evergreen Trees and Shrubs 3-gallon to 7-gallon Up to two plants in 2-gallon to 5-gallon containers
OR one plant in a 7-gallon container
Deciduous & Edible Shrubs and Trees 3-gallon to 7-gallon Up to two plants in 2-gallon to 5-gallon containers
OR one plant in a 7-gallon container
Deciduous Trees Larger than 7-gallon One tree in a 10-gallon to 30-gallon container


In order for your warranty to be valid, you must purchase the required amendments at the time of purchase of the warranty package and plants:

  • One 4lbs bag of Espoma Organic All Purpose Plant Food
  • Holly-tone for evergreen shrubs and trees
  • Tree-tone for deciduous and edible shrubs and trees
  • One 4lbs bag of Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus Plant Food
  • 1 cf bag of Earth Mix 100% organic premium topsoil
  • One Dewit Watering Bag for deciduous trees in containers larger than 7-gallons

For more information about our tree and shrubs warranty package, please visit our Murfreesboro garden center or contact us today with your questions!

Call Martin’s Home & Garden to learn more about our warranty packages.