Plant Care

Let Martin’s Home and Garden help protect and feed your potted plants, gardens, lawns, and landscaping investments. Whenever you have questions about what will help make your garden a blooming success, contact us!


We offer a large variety of organic and traditional options for feeding your plants so they can get the nutrients they need. We’ll help you keep your plants well-nourished with brands you trust. Among others, we stock MiracleGro, Osmocote, and Espoma.


Sometimes, plants need a little protection from things that would harm them – insects, diseases, and animals. Brands like Bonide, Bayer, Fertilome. Hi-Yield, and Ortho provide a variety of products that help you protect your plants.

For DIY problem solving, click here. You can also give our team of experts a call at the garden center, and we can help you figure out the best solution for protecting your plants.

Our products can help with common issues such as:

  • Early blight
  • Blackspot
  • Diseases
  • Aphids
  • Spider mites

Wildlife is fun to watch, but we might not want them to munch on our carefully tended gardens, nor do we want to endanger our pets. We have several pet-safe products that will help repel various animals from plants. Because animals are adaptable, it is a good idea to change the deterring product occasionally, so that they don’t get used to one particular product.

Some plants are also eligible for our warranty packages that provide further insurance. Learn more here or give us a call!


Tennessee gardening can be a challenge. Though our heavy clay soil is rich, sometimes it needs a little amending for many of the plants we want to grow.

We have a variety of soil amendments and mixes tailored for your plant needs whether it is an industrious landscaping project, a vegetable or flower garden, a carefully chosen deck pot, or hanging basket. Soil mixes come in various sized bags for potted plants. Garden soil and topsoil can be bought by the bag for amending small garden plots or by the yard for bigger projects.

All of our mulch, soil, and compost can be picked up here at the garden center or delivered directly to you! Call us today to schedule your delivery.

Tip: A yard of mulch covers 100 square feet at 3 inches deep. A yard of topsoil covers 100 square feet at 1 foot deep.


We are very proud to be an EarthMix supplier! We love their products so much, we made it the primary line of bagged soils that we carry. Here’s why:

  • All EarthMix products are 100% organic. No chemicals. Nothing synthetic.
  • EarthMix products contain no fillers. Each is made using a specific, thoughtful recipe that doesn’t include sand or sawdust.
  • EarthMix products are made and packaged in Nashville by Bates Nursery. They even produce the screened topsoil and leaf compost in the products themselves!

Learn more about the EarthMix difference here!

Screened Topsoil vs. Garden Soil

What is the difference between screened topsoil and garden soil?

The screened topsoil is dirt that is just that – dirt. It has no amendments and therefore, no nutritional value. Screened topsoil is good for filling holes or if you need to grow grass, which is the only thing that will really grow in it.

Garden soil is a mix of soils. Our blend is 60% screened topsoil and 40% mushroom compost + other organic matter, which gives it lots of nutrients. Middle Tennessee’s natural clay is hard to grow things in, so it’s important to blend some garden soil into it to give your plants their best start!

Bagged Soil
EarthMix Premium Topsoil
Garden soil blend ¹
$8.99, 1 cu ft
$129.99, 1.25 cu yd
EarthMix Proganix-O
Outdoor Potting Mix ²
$16.99, 1.25 cu ft
$209.99, 1.25 cu yd
EarthMix Proganix-I
Indoor Potting Mix
$10.99, 1 cu ft
Pro-Mix Premium
Potting Mix
$9.99, 1 cu ft

¹EarthMix’s cubic yard bag of garden soil is equivalent to 34 of the cubic foot bags.
²EarthMix’s cubic yard bag of Proganix-O is equivalent to 27 of the cubic foot bags.

Bagged Mulch
Black mulch $4.99, 1.5 cu ft
Red mulch $4.99, 2 cu ft
Brown mulch $4.99, 2 cu ft
Pine bark mulch $4.99, 2 cu ft
Bulk Soil
Garden soil $25.00 per 0.5 yard
$49.99 per yard
Screened topsoil $25.00 per 0.5 yard
$49.99 per yard

Garden soil is a mixture of screened topsoil and mushroom compost.
One “scoop” of bulk product is about half a yard.

Bulk Mulch
Black mulch $19.00 per 0.5 yard
$37.99 per yard
Red mulch $19.00 per 0.5 yard
$37.99 per yard
Brown mulch $19.00 per 0.5 yard
$37.99 per yard
Pine bark mulch $20.00 per 0.5 yard
$39.99 per yard

One “scoop” of bulk product is about half a yard.

Soil Amendments
EarthMix Veragra
Earthworm castings
$14.99, 1 cu ft
EarthMix Magic
Mushroom compost
$6.99, 1.5 cu ft
EarthMix Organic Compost $12.99, 1.25 cu ft
Fescue $259.99, 504 sq ft
$259.99, 504 sq ft
Bermuda $239.99, 504 sq ft

Sod is only available by the pallet

Pine straw $4.99 per bale
Wheat straw $5.99 per bale

One bale covers about 20 square feet